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Trivia Quiz - Herbert Hoover: 31st U.S. President

What do you know about the 31st U.S. President, Herbert Hoover?

Quiz Number: 3259
Date Submitted: October 25, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Herbert Hoover

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Herbert Hoover 31st U.S. President
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1. What was unique about Herbert Hoover's first year at Stanford University in 1891?
  A.   students were not required to pay tuition
  B.   it was the first year of the school's existence
  C.   Hoover had not yet graduated from high school
  D.   both a and b

2. In what industry did President Hoover work and excel throughout his early working career?
  A.   mining
  B.   railroad
  C.   shipping
  D.   lumber

3. What cabinet position did Herbert Hoover hold during the 1920's under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge?
  A.   Secretary of State
  B.   Secretary of Commerce
  C.   Secretary of Agriculture
  D.   Secretary of War

4. What democratic candidate did Herbert Hoover defeat in the 1928 presidential election?
  A.   Former Senator Atlee Pomerene of Ohio
  B.   Senator James A. Reed of Missouri
  C.   Representative Cordell Hull of Tennessee
  D.   Governor Al Smith of New York

5. Which of the following was a "presidential first" for President Hoover?
  A.   first president to be born west of the Mississippi River
  B.   first president to appear in a sound film
  C.   first president to deliver his inaugural address on the radio
  D.   first sitting president to attend a World Series game

6. During his presidency, Hoover mediated a conflict between two South American countries on the sovereignty of the cities of Arica and Tacna. What were the two countries?
  A.   Ecuador and Peru
  B.   Chile and Peru
  C.   Chile and Argentina
  D.   Brazil and Uruguay

7. Which of the following acts was supported by President Hoover but failed to be supported by Congress?
  A.   began construction of the Boulder Dam (later renamed Hoover Dam)
  B.   reorganized the Bureau of Indian Affair
  C.   negotiated a treaty on St. Lawrence Seaway
  D.   organized the Federal Bureau of Prisons

8. Which of the following programs was NOT implemented by the Hoover presidency to help alleviate The Great Depression?
  A.   Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  B.   Emergency Relief and Construction Act
  C.   Revenue Act of 1932
  D.   The New Deal

9. In 1963, President Hoover published a book about which one of his favorite past times?
  A.   baseball
  B.   billiards
  C.   hunting
  D.   fishing

10. In 1947, President Harry S. Truman appointed former President Hoover to a commission, which elected him chairman. What was the mission of the commission?
  A.   to administer World War II veteran benefits
  B.   to set limits on presidential campaign contributions
  C.   to reorganize the executive departments
  D.   to create a task force aimed at repairing American bridges®   

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