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Trivia Quiz - TV General

I got some help from a friend on these trivia questions. I didn't know alot of the answers. Give it a try. :)

Quiz Number: 3146
Date Submitted: June 10, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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TV General
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1. Which TV show was about divers in southern California and starred Ron Ely?
  A.   Sea Hunt
  B.   Flipper
  C.   Diver Dan
  D.   The Aquanauts

2. Which TV show was about an attorney who becomes the guardian of his 13 year old neice?
  A.   Family Affair
  B.   Bachelor Father
  C.   The Big Valley
  D.   Burke's Law

3. On which TV show did Shirley MacLaine play a reporter-photographer?
  A.   The Paper Chase
  B.   The Reporter
  C.   Shirley's World
  D.   The Odd Couple

4. What child star showed up for his audition for a 50's sitcom in his Cub Scout uniform?
  A.   Ricky Nelson
  B.   Ron Howard
  C.   Cubby O'Brien
  D.   Jerry Mathers

5. What classic 50's TV show introduced Sheriff Andy Taylor?
  A.   Topper
  B.   Make Room For Daddy
  C.   My Little Margie
  D.   Life of Riley

6. What was the name of the carpenters who never finished a job on "Green Acres"?
  A.   Monroe Brothers
  B.   Brooks Brothers
  C.   Shelton Brothers
  D.   Bilko Brothers

7. Jack Kelly and what other actor played cousins on "Maverick"?
  A.   James Garner
  B.   Chuck Conners
  C.   Richard Boone
  D.   Roger Moore

8. Hymie the Robot was a regular on which TV show?
  A.   Lost in Space
  B.   Small Wonder
  C.   The Jetsons
  D.   Get Smart

9. Which TV show featured a German Shepherd named Bullet?
  A.   Magnum PI
  B.   The Roy Rogers Show
  C.   My Three Sons
  D.   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

10. On what show did Betty White have her first comic TV role?
  A.   My Little Margie
  B.   I Married Joan
  C.   Life With Elizabeth
  D.   It's Always Jan®   

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