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Trivia Quiz - Freddies Freeze - Part 2 - as of 2009

For those really in the Know at Freddies

Quiz Number: 3103
Date Submitted: March 13, 2009
Quiz Categories: Your Work Place Quizzes
Quiz Type: Personal Quiz
Author: dave
Average Score: 53 percent
Times Taken: 10 times
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Freddies Freeze  Part 2  as of 2009
(Image Source: Freddie's Freeze in Somerset, Michigan)

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1. What Michigan County is Freddies Freeze located in?
  A.   Lenawee County
  B.   Jackson County
  C.   Hillsdale County
  D.   Washtenaw County

2. What Structure used to sit on the corner near Freddies that was ton down in 2002?
  A.   An old Hotel
  B.   A silo
  C.   A Barn
  D.   A Gas Station

3. The renovation of Freddies in 2004 made the building how many times larger than the original structure?
  A.   twice as big
  B.   3 times as big
  C.   4 times as big
  D.   5 times as big

4. Where did Freddie live growing up from age 11 on?
  A.   Jackson Michigan
  B.   Brooklyn Michigan
  C.   Somerset Michigan
  D.   Detroit Michigan

5. Whats a Freddies Freeloader?
  A.   A sandwich, side, and a drink
  B.   A double ice cream sundae with whip cream and crushed nuts
  C.   A jumbo milkshake
  D.   A full pound hamburger

6. What School district is Freddies Freeze in?
  A.   Columbia Central
  B.   North Adams
  C.   Addison
  D.   Hanover Horton

7. Which of the following items does Freddies NOT sell?
  A.   Pizza
  B.   Ham and Cheese
  C.   Reubens
  D.   Nachos

8. As of March 2009, How many grandchildren does Freddie Have?
  A.   3
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   10

9. Which of the following would Freddie be LEAST likely to be heard saying
  A.   If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean
  B.   The customer is always right
  C.   The more you can take from someone the better
  D.   You have to sell a lot of ice cream cones to pay for an ice cream machine

10. How old did Freddie live to be?
  A.   58
  B.   73
  C.   94
  D.   He's still kicking®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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