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Trivia Quiz - The Strangers: Spooky Flick!

Here's a few questions about the spooky Liv Tyler flick 'The Strangers'.

Quiz Number: 3084
Date Submitted: February 10, 2009
Quiz Categories: Horror Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Hayley
Average Score: 67.9 percent
Times Taken: 72 times
Taken by Registered Users: 6

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The Strangers Spooky Flick
(Image Source: "The Strangers")

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1. Before driving to their vacation house, where were Kristen and James?
  A.   A Nightclub
  B.   A Wedding
  C.   A Funeral
  D.   A Party

2. Around what time in the morning does one of the strangers first knock on the door?
  A.   2 am
  B.   3 am
  C.   4 am
  D.   5 am

3. What does the girl at the door say?
  A.   "Can i come in"?
  B.   "Someone's chasing me"
  C.   Is Tamara home"?
  D.   "This is my house"

4. How many strangers are there ?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

5. Who kills James' best friend Mike?
  A.   Kristen
  B.   Dollface
  C.   Pin-Up Girl
  D.   James

6. Where is the radio that Kristen uses to call for help?
  A.   The Bedroom
  B.   The Car
  C.   The Shed
  D.   The Kitchen

7. Who smashes the radio ?
  A.   Pin-Up Girl
  B.   Man in the Mask
  C.   Dollface
  D.   James

8. Before killing Kristen and James, what do the strangers do ?
  A.   Ransack the house
  B.   Take off their masks
  C.   Steal their money
  D.   Say they are sorry

9. When Kristen asks the strangers "Why are you doing this to us?" what is the reply?
  A.   "We just felt like it"
  B.   "Because you were home"
  C.   "We were bored"
  D.   "We want money"

10. Who finds Kristen and James after the strangers have left?
  A.   Mormon Boys
  B.   Girl Scouts
  C.   Neighbours
  D.   Police Officers®   

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