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Trivia Quiz - John Wayne: His Life & Career

What do you know about the life and career of John Wayne?

Quiz Number: 3071
Date Submitted: January 18, 2009
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Quiz is about: John Wayne

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John Wayne His Life  Career
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of John Wayne)

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1. What was John Wayne's name at birth?
  A.   Marion Jonathan Wayne
  B.   Johnathan Wayne Duke
  C.   John Wayne
  D.   Marion Robert Morrison

2. In what group was John Wayne an active member during his youth?
  A.   4H
  B.   Order of DeMolay
  C.   Baptist Youth Fellowship
  D.   Young Republicans of California

3. In what area of study did John Wayne major when he attended the University of Southern California?
  A.   pre-law
  B.   pre-med
  C.   accounting
  D.   elementary education

4. Why did John Wayne lose his scholarship to the University of Southern California?
  A.   he was injured while body surfing
  B.   he was making poor grades
  C.   he never went to class
  D.   his mother was hit by a car and he had to give it up

5. What western film actor got John Wayne his first job working in the film industry?
  A.   Tex Ritter
  B.   Roy Rogers
  C.   Gene Autry
  D.   Tom Mix

6. In how many of John Ford's films did John Wayne appear?
  A.   12
  B.   more than 20
  C.   just under 50
  D.   38

7. Where did John Wayne get the brass bracelet he was often seen wearing?
  A.   his children gave it to him
  B.   his mother gave it to him
  C.   from the Montagnard people of Vietnam while he was making the film GREEN BERETS
  D.   from Maureen O'Hara

8. What was the name of John Wayne's film production company?
  A.   Duke Inc.
  B.   Rooster International Pictures
  C.   Duke's Dollar International
  D.   Batjac

9. What did John Wayne's wife, Esperanza, try to do to him?
  A.   she tried to shoot him
  B.   she tried to have him black listed
  C.   she tried to drown him in their pool
  D.   she tried to run him through with a sword

10. What does it say on John Wayne's Congressional Gold Medal?
  A.   A Great American Cowboy
  B.   The Best Actor Ever
  C.   John Wayne, American
  D.   May 26, 1907 - June 11, 1979®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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