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Trivia Quiz - The Bachelor: Seasons 1 - 10

Love springs eternal ... or maybe not. Who did The Bachelor pick for his "forever love" each season?

Quiz Number: 3041
Date Submitted: December 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 61.8 percent
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The Bachelor Seasons 1  10
(Image Source: The Denver Channel)

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1. Who did Alex Michel pick in Season 1?
  A.   Amanda
  B.   Hailey
  C.   Brittanie
  D.   Trista

2. In Season 2, who did Aaron Buerge choose?
  A.   Jenny
  B.   Cate
  C.   Therese
  D.   Helene

3. At the end of Season 3, Andrew Firestone asked this lady to be his wife:
  A.   Nikki
  B.   Erin
  C.   Kristy
  D.   Jen

4. Bob Guiney picked this lady at the conclusion of Season 4:
  A.   Erica
  B.   Amber
  C.   Estella
  D.   Dianne

5. Football player, Jesse Palmer, picked this lady as his favorite in Season 5:
  A.   Jessica
  B.   Marin
  C.   Maria
  D.   Peg

6. Who did Byron Velvick ask to be his wife in Season 6?
  A.   Meagan
  B.   Mickie
  C.   Emy
  D.   Mary

7. Charlie O'Connell decided his choice in Season 7 was:
  A.   Tamie
  B.   Holly
  C.   Sarah
  D.   Barbie

8. Dr. Travis Stork's pick in Season 8 was:
  A.   Sarah
  B.   Keri
  C.   Dani
  D.   Robynn

9. Season 9 was shot in Europe. Who did Prince Lorenzo Borghese pick as his favorite?
  A.   Lorry
  B.   Mandy
  C.   Esme
  D.   Jennifer

10. Who was the choice of Andy Baldwin, Bachelor of Season 10?
  A.   Kathi
  B.   Lorraine
  C.   Tessa
  D.   Debi®   

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