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Trivia Quiz - Sherlock Holmes: Intellectual Detective

What do you know about the amazing Sherlock Holmes?

Quiz Number: 3008
Date Submitted: December 28, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 62 percent
Times Taken: 84 times
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Sherlock Holmes Intellectual Detective
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1. What is Sherlock Holmes profession?
  A.   doctor
  B.   chief of police for Scotland Yard
  C.   newspaper reporter
  D.   consulting detective

2. What led Sherlock to take up his profession as a detective?
  A.   Queen Victoria suggested it to his father
  B.   He was following in his father's footsteps
  C.   A compliment received from a college friend's father
  D.   The death of his mother

3. What has Sherlock been known to use as a weapon?
  A.   his violin
  B.   a riding crop
  C.   shoe laces
  D.   his deerstalker hat

4. Sherlock is an accomplished:
  A.   cryptanalyst
  B.   butler
  C.   boxer
  D.   both a and c

5. What did Sherlock take up while at Sussex Downs?
  A.   cartography
  B.   bee keeping
  C.   wine making
  D.   ballet dancing

6. Where does Sherlock keep his tobacco?
  A.   in a soup can
  B.   in his pillow case
  C.   inside a Persian slipper
  D.   wraqpped in a page of the calendar

7. Who are the "Baker Street Irregulars"?
  A.   a group of elderly ladies who follow Sherlock wherever he goes
  B.   a team of mismatched draft horses
  C.   a group of street children who assist him
  D.   a group of doctors who work on Baker Street

8. To what is Sherlock addicted?
  A.   alcohol
  B.   a 7% solution of cocaine
  C.   food
  D.   marijuana

9. Who is Sherlock's archenemy?
  A.   Doctor Milton Kennedy
  B.   Professor A. Lincoln
  C.   Dickson Hillyard
  D.   Professor James Moriarty

10. Who is the only woman in which Holmes showed more than a passing love interest?
  A.   Irene Adler
  B.   Stella Dallas
  C.   Vivian O'Hara
  D.   Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons®   

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