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Trivia Quiz - The Platte County Public Defender's Office

A few questions about Samurai Sam's place of employment.

Quiz Number: 2950
Date Submitted: December 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: Your Work Place Quizzes
Quiz Type: Personal Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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The Platte County Public Defenders Office
(Image Source: Platte County)

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1. The Platte County Public Defender's Office is located in what Nebraska City?
  A.   Omaha
  B.   Lincoln
  C.   Columbus
  D.   North Platte

2. Platte County established the public defender's office in what year?
  A.   1992
  B.   1993
  C.   1994
  D.   1995

3. I (Samurai Sam) was first appointed as public defender in what year?
  A.   1995
  B.   1996
  C.   1997
  D.   1998

4. The Public Defender's Office is situated between what two other offices in the Platte County Courthouse?
  A.   The County Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office.
  B.   The County Attorney's Office and Treasurer's Office.
  C.   The Treasurer's Office and Sheriff's Office.
  D.   The Sheriff's Office and County Extension Office.

5. Typically, how many people work in the Platte County Public Defender's Office?
  A.   One
  B.   Two
  C.   Three
  D.   Four

6. What is the name of my loyal, hardworking secretary?
  A.   Connie
  B.   Julianne
  C.   Phyllis
  D.   Reva

7. Around the courthouse I am well known for wearing what kind of neckwear to court?
  A.   Bowties
  B.   Jerry Garcia neckties
  C.   Rush Limbaugh neckties
  D.   Western bolo ties

8. What is the name of the church located directly across the street from the public defender's office?
  A.   St. Bonaventure Catholic Church
  B.   Faith Lutheran Church
  C.   Bible Baptist Church
  D.   First United Methodist Church

9. What is the favorite after hours spot of the public defender's office staff?
  A.   Pawnee Bar
  B.   Glur's Tavern
  C.   Gotberg Brewpub
  D.   Signature's Sports Bar

10. Which of the following is NOT an actual client that the Platte County Public Defender's Office has represented?
  A.   An accountant charged with embezzlement.
  B.   A lawyer charged with vandalism.
  C.   A dentist charged with assaulting her fiancee.
  D.   Elvis Presley charged with driving on a suspended license.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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