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Trivia Quiz - City Hall Knows It All!

Phonerec's life at Owasso City Hall.

Quiz Number: 2931
Date Submitted: December 04, 2008
Quiz Categories: Your Work Place Quizzes
Quiz Type: Personal Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 41.4 percent
Times Taken: 21 times
Taken by Registered Users: 11

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City Hall Knows It All
(Image Source: Phonerec @ PeopleQuiz)

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1. What is Phonerec's job title?
  A.   Secretary
  B.   Utility Billing Clerk
  C.   City Planner
  D.   Phone receptionist

2. How far from work does Phonerec live?
  A.   6 miles
  B.   16 miles
  C.   6 blocks
  D.   16 blocks

3. What's phonerec's boss's name?
  A.   Tim
  B.   Eric
  C.   Ricky
  D.   Angela

4. What's phonerec's City Manager's name?
  A.   Mr Rooney
  B.   Mr. Ray
  C.   Ms. Hatfield
  D.   Ms. Hensley

5. What is phonerec responsible for keeping balanced every day?
  A.   Phone bills
  B.   Cable bills
  C.   Water bills
  D.   Electric bills

6. Who do we share our building with?
  A.   Police Dept
  B.   Cable Company
  C.   A bank
  D.   Nobody

7. What does phonerec like to munch on at work?
  A.   Peanuts
  B.   Chips
  C.   Fruit
  D.   Cashews

8. What is phonerec fortunate to get to do on my downtime?
  A.   Read
  B.   Insult people
  C.   Ignore people
  D.   Play on Peoplequiz

9. How does phonerec refer to herself in jest at work?
  A.   The Pride of Owasso
  B.   Darlin' Deb
  C.   Lobby Queen
  D.   The Voice of Owasso

10. What nickname have we given my desk?
  A.   Deb's Desk
  B.   The Hot Tub
  C.   The Throne
  D.   The Forbiden Zone®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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