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Trivia Quiz - State Quarters #1

Each US state now has its own designated quarter. Given a brief description, you need to name the state. Great state quarter trivia and facts!

Quiz Number: 2909
Date Submitted: November 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: History, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 69.7 percent
Times Taken: 95 times
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State Quarters 1
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1. This quarter has the Zia Sun above a state map of:
  A.   Arizona
  B.   New Mexico
  C.   Nebraska
  D.   Kansas

2. A mallard flies over a lake with a rice plant on this state quarter. A diamond is also on the quarter of:
  A.   Minnesota
  B.   Iowa
  C.   Arkansas
  D.   Ohio

3. Which state quarter has a lighthouse and a schooner on it?
  A.   Oregon
  B.   Maine
  C.   New Hampshire
  D.   South Carolina

4. Bison are prominent on this state's quarter:
  A.   Montana
  B.   Colorado
  C.   Wisconsin
  D.   North Dakota

5. A salmon jumps from a lake in front of Mt. Rainier on this state's quarter:
  A.   Washington
  B.   Idaho
  C.   Kentucky
  D.   Pennsylvania

6. A cowboy on a bucking horse represents:
  A.   Arkansas
  B.   Utah
  C.   Iowa
  D.   Wyoming

7. This state's quarter shows a grizzly bear with a salmon:
  A.   Washington
  B.   South Dakota
  C.   Oklahoma
  D.   Alaska

8. You see a peregrine falcon flying over a small state map on this quarter:
  A.   Indiana
  B.   California
  C.   Idaho
  D.   Louisiana

9. This state quarter shows 3 ships landing on an island in a river:
  A.   Virginia
  B.   Michigan
  C.   North Carolina
  D.   Oregon

10. Crater Lake is prominent on this state's quarter:
  A.   Colorado
  B.   Utah
  C.   Alaska
  D.   Oregon®   

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