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Trivia Quiz - Find the Right Hander

Each of these questions is about four famous people in the same career field. Three of them are left handed, one is not. Can you find the right handed person?

Quiz Number: 2885
Date Submitted: October 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 18.4 percent
Times Taken: 131 times
Taken by Registered Users: 13

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Find the Right Hander
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1. Each of the following former presidents was left handed except:
  A.   Bill Clinton
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   George H.W. Bush
  D.   Jimmy Carter

2. Each of the following rock drummers was left handed except:
  A.   Bun E. Carlos
  B.   Phil Collins
  C.   Ian Paice
  D.   Keith Moon

3. Each of the following country singers was left handed except:
  A.   Mel Tillis
  B.   Dan Seals
  C.   Billy Ray Cyrus
  D.   Slim Whitman

4. Each of the following comedy actors was left handed except:
  A.   Jerry Seinfeld
  B.   W.C. Fields
  C.   Red Skelton
  D.   Dick Van Dyke

5. Each of the following guitarists was left handed except:
  A.   Jimi Hendrix
  B.   Kurt Cobain
  C.   Pete Townshend
  D.   Bob Geldof

6. Each of the following comedy actresses was left handed except:
  A.   Whoopi Goldberg
  B.   Lucille Ball
  C.   Marilyn Monroe
  D.   Carol Burnett

7. Each of the following movie stars is left handed except:
  A.   Goldie Hawn
  B.   Halle Berry
  C.   Bruce Willis
  D.   Tom Cruise

8. Each of the following children of U.S. presidents was left handed except:
  A.   Chelsea Clinton
  B.   Caroline Kennedy
  C.   John F. Kennedy Jr.
  D.   Ron Reagan

9. Each of the following musicians who play the guitar right handed is really left handed except:
  A.   Glenn Frey
  B.   Billy Corgan
  C.   Glen Campbell
  D.   Keith Richards

10. Each of the following characters from The Simpsons is left handed except:
  A.   Moe Szyslak
  B.   Bart Simpson
  C.   Seymour Skinner
  D.   Sideshow Bob®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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