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Trivia Quiz - Liv Tyler: Acting Career Highlights

How much do you know about the acting career of Liv Tyler?

Quiz Number: 2790
Date Submitted: August 10, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Liv Tyler

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Liv Tyler Acting Career Highlights
(Image Source: Liv Tyler @ Behind Blondie Park)

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1. Liv Tyler's first notable role was appearing alongside Alicia Silverstone in a 1993 music video for which one of Aerosmith's songs?
  A.   Amazing
  B.   Fever
  C.   Cryin'
  D.   Crazy

2. At age seventeen, Liv made her Hollywood debut in what 1994 film?
  A.   Silent Fall
  B.   Heavy
  C.   Empire Records
  D.   Stealing Beauty

3. What 1996 movie was considered to be a breakthrough performance for Liv, earning her a nomination for a YoungStar Award?
  A.   Inventing the Abbotts
  B.   That Thing You Do!
  C.   Stealing Beauty
  D.   Heavy

4. In 1998, she starred opposite Ben Affleck in "Armageddon." What was her character's name?
  A.   Grace Stamper
  B.   Pamela Abbott
  C.   Faye Dolan
  D.   Emma Duvall

5. In what movie did Liv Tyler play the part of Lady Rebecca Gibson?
  A.   One Night at McCool's
  B.   Dr. T & the Women
  C.   Cookie's Fortune
  D.   Plunkett & Macleane

6. Liv Tyler played the part of Arwen Undómiel in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. What type of being was Arwen Undómiel?
  A.   human princess
  B.   hobbit princess
  C.   troll princess
  D.   elf princess

7. Who was Liv's character's love interest in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy?
  A.   Legolas
  B.   Aragorn
  C.   Frodo
  D.   Boromir

8. In what film did Liv play the part of a psychiatrist?
  A.   Smother
  B.   Reign Over Me
  C.   Lonesome Jim
  D.   Jersey Girl

9. What character did Liv play in the horror-thriller "The Strangers" (2008)?
  A.   Kristen McKay
  B.   Betty Ross
  C.   Clare Cooper
  D.   Tatyana Larina

10. Liv Tyler starred as Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Ross in the "The Incredible Hulk" (2008). What type of doctor was Betty?
  A.   structural engineer
  B.   psychiatrist
  C.   cellular biologist
  D.   dentist®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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