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Trivia Quiz - Professional Poker Player Nicknames

If you watch Texas Hold 'Em tournaments on TV, then this quiz will be a snap !! When you watch, you will not only learn how to play poker, you will usually get entertained as well ! Good luck and have fun with this Texas Hold 'Em trivia!

Quiz Number: 2737
Date Submitted: July 17, 2008
Quiz Categories: Professional Poker
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: cindilee
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Professional Poker Player Nicknames
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1. What is the nickname of American professional poker player Mike Matusow?
  A.   The Delinquent
  B.   Crazy Mike
  C.   The Mouth
  D.   Mikey-poo

2. What is the nickname of Erick Lindgren whose first major win was at the Bellagio in 2002?
  A.   E-Dog
  B.   The Big Swede
  C.   Lindy
  D.   Tops with the Flop

3. What is the nickname of Canadian professional poker player Daniel Negreanu?
  A.   The River Maker
  B.   Danny Boy
  C.   The Tiny Terror
  D.   Kid Poker

4. What is the nickname of professional poker player Chris Ferguson?
  A.   The Wizard of Cards
  B.   Jesus
  C.   Fergie
  D.   Count of Monte Chris-to

5. What is the nickname of Michael Mizrachi who dropped out of college to play poker full-time?
  A.   Rocky
  B.   The Stallion
  C.   The Grinder
  D.   Superstar

6. What is the nickname of Phil Hellmuth, Jr., who became the youngest World Champion of Poker in 1989?
  A.   Philly Cheesesteak
  B.   The Poker Brat
  C.   The Whiner
  D.   Hell's Mouth

7. What is the nickname of professional poker player Gus Hansen?
  A.   Gus-Gus
  B.   Handsome Hansen
  C.   The Deal Breaker
  D.   The Great Dane

8. What is the nickname of Vietnamese American poker player Scotty Nguyen?
  A.   Man's Best Friend
  B.   The Prince of Poker
  C.   Scotty the Hottie
  D.   The Winner

9. What is the nickname of professional poker player Jean-Robert Bellande?
  A.   Action Bob
  B.   Bob the Money-Builder
  C.   The French Connection
  D.   The Bell Tower

10. What is the nickname of professional poker player Carlos Mortensen?
  A.   Spanish Fly
  B.   El Loco
  C.   Carlito
  D.   The Matador®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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