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Trivia Quiz - Glenn Close: American Film and Stage Actress

Questions about this talented and versatile actress.

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Date Submitted: July 08, 2008
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: Glenn Close

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Glenn Close American Film and Stage Actress
(Image Source: Drew University)

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1. Where was Glenn Close born?
  A.   Buffalo, New York
  B.   Greenwich, Connecticut
  C.   Los Angeles, California
  D.   Dallas, Texas

2. For what 1994 Broadway production did Glenn Close win a Tony Award?
  A.   "Rex"
  B.   "Sunset Boulevard"
  C.   "Busker Alley"
  D.   "Barnum"

3. What were Glenn Close's parent's names?
  A.   Cecily and Michael
  B.   Patrice and Steven
  C.   Alice and Benjamin
  D.   Bettine and William

4. In 1991, in what Hallmark Hall of Fame Drama did Glenn Close star?
  A.   "Grace & Glorie"
  B.   "Sarah, Plain and Tall"
  C.   "Cupid and Cate"
  D.   "The Echo of Thunder"

5. In 2005, in what crime series did Glenn Close join playing a precinct captain?
  A.   "CSI-New York"
  B.   "NYPD Blue"
  C.   "The Shield"
  D.   "Law and Order"

6. In what year did Glenn Close play the role of Sunny von Bulow in "Reversal of Fortune"?
  A.   1988
  B.   1990
  C.   1992
  D.   1995

7. In what film did Glenn Close star that became the highest-grossing U.S. film of 1987?
  A.   "Dangerous Liaisons"
  B.   "Fatal Attraction"
  C.   "The Natural"
  D.   "Maxie"

8. In what film did Glenn Close play a queen?
  A.   "Dangerous Liaisons"
  B.   "Hamlet"
  C.   "Hook"
  D.   "Mars Attacks"

9. In the 1983 film "The Big Chill", Glenn Close played a character named Sarah Cooper. What did this character do for a living?
  A.   nurse
  B.   lawyer
  C.   physician
  D.   teacher

10. What was Glenn Close's character's name in the 1982 film "The World According to Garp"?
  A.   Roberta Muldoon
  B.   Jenny Fields
  C.   Helen Holm
  D.   Iris Gaines®   

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