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Trivia Quiz - Christine: A Plymouth Possessed

This is a quiz about one of the best, in my opinion, horror novels/films. I don't really care for the horror genre, but I can actually watch this one!

Quiz Number: 2326
Date Submitted: April 07, 2008
Quiz Categories: Horror Movies, Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Times Taken: 293 times
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Christine A Plymouth Possessed
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1. Who wrote the novel "Christine"?
  A.   Anne Rice
  B.   Clive Barker
  C.   Stephen King
  D.   Dean Koontz

2. What kind of car was Christine?
  A.   a red 1958 Plymouth Belvedere
  B.   a red 1958 Plymouth Fury
  C.   a red 1958 Plymouth Valiant
  D.   a red 1958 Plymouth Tornado

3. How much did Arnie Cunningham have to pay for Christine?
  A.   $100
  B.   $250
  C.   $500
  D.   $1000

4. When Arnie goes to get the car, his friend sits in Christine and has a scary vision. What was Arnie's best friend's name?
  A.   David Gauldin
  B.   Darrell George
  C.   Dean Gallegly
  D.   Dennis Guilder

5. When Arnie's parents refuse to let him park Christine at the family home, where does he park her?
  A.   Libertyville Park
  B.   Gleason's Garage
  C.   Darnell's Garage
  D.   Libertyville Mall

6. What had happened to the family of Roland LeBay, the previous owner of Christine?
  A.   his wife had run over their daughter while driving Christine, and then killed herself in the car
  B.   his daughter had choked on a hamburger and his wife had committed suicide in the car
  C.   his wife and daughter had been found dead in the car
  D.   his wife grew tired of his weird and dangerous behavior and took their daughter and left him

7. What was Arnie's girlfriend's name in Christine?
  A.   Leanne Caldwell
  B.   Laura Cassidy
  C.   Leigh Cabot
  D.   Lucy Connors

8. When Arnie's girlfriend is choking in Christine, why doesn't Arnie help her?
  A.   he had gone for a drink
  B.   Christine had locked the doors
  C.   he didn't know the Heimlich Maneuver
  D.   he was becoming possessed by Christine

9. What was the name of the bully who, along with his gang, vandalized Christine?
  A.   Bubba Reilly
  B.   Buck Rooney
  C.   Buddy Repperton
  D.   Benny Rierson

10. In the novel, Arnie's friend and girlfriend finally destroy Christine with a huge septic tank truck. What was the name of the truck?
  A.   Pansy
  B.   Rose
  C.   Daisy
  D.   Petunia®   

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