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Trivia Quiz - The Four Tops: Motown Icon

I can't help myself. I had to write this quiz about The Four Tops trivia!

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Date Submitted: March 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: Motown
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: catherine
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The Four Tops Motown Icon
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1. The original name of The Four Tops was:
  A.   The Four Aims
  B.   The Four Best
  C.   The Four Sensations
  D.   The Four Team

2. Who was the original lead singer for The Four Tops?
  A.   Lawrence Payton
  B.   Renaldo "Obie" Benson
  C.   Abdul "Duke" Fakir
  D.   Levi Stubbs

3. What was The Four Tops' first single to reach #1 on the US charts?
  A.   Baby I Need Your Loving
  B.   I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
  C.   It's the Same Old Song
  D.   Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

4. Renaldo "Obie" Benson co-wrote all of the following songs on Marvin Gaye's 1972 album "What's Going On" EXCEPT:
  A.   What's Going On
  B.   Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  C.   Save the Children
  D.   Wholy Holy

5. From 1964 to 1972, The Four Tops recorded on what record label?
  A.   Arista
  B.   ABC
  C.   Casablanca
  D.   Motown

6. In the early 1970s, The Four Tops were paired with The Supremes. They released a series of albums billed under what joint title?
  A.   The Masterful Seven
  B.   The Mighty Seven
  C.   The Magnificent Seven
  D.   The Motown Seven

7. The Four Tops' 1971 single "A Simple Game" featured backing vocals from members of what English band?
  A.   The Moody Blues
  B.   The Who
  C.   The Rolling Stones
  D.   The Kinks

8. After rejoining Motown Records in 1983, The Four Tops began a semi-regular joint tour with what other Motown group?
  A.   Martha and the Vandellas
  B.   The Marvelettes
  C.   The Miracles
  D.   The Temptations

9. What song did the group perform for the 1982 film "Grease 2?"
  A.   We'll Be Together
  B.   Girl for All Seasons
  C.   Prowlin'
  D.   Back to School Again

10. In 1997, the group lost Lawrence Payton to cancer. His spot was eventually filled by what former member of The Temptations?
  A.   Theo Peoples
  B.   David Ruffin
  C.   Melvin Franklin
  D.   Eddie Kendricks®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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