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Trivia Quiz - The Angry Beavers: Just Plain Fun!

My all time favorite cartoon!

Quiz Number: 2267
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 60.5 percent
Times Taken: 146 times
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The Angry Beavers Just Plain Fun
(Image Source: Wikipedia)

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1. On what station did "The Angry Beavers" run?
  A.   CBS
  B.   Cartoon Network
  C.   Nickelodeon
  D.   Fox

2. What were the beavers' middle names?
  A.   Forest and Donald
  B.   Foster and (Dale) Doofus
  C.   Frank and Daniel
  D.   Fred and Dink

3. In what town do the beavers live?
  A.   Wayouttatown, OR
  B.   Wayintheboonies, OR
  C.   Wayoutahere, OR
  D.   Wayfaraway, OR

4. They frequently show a road sign with the towns Pawhuska, Burbank, and Fairfax. What do these places have in common?
  A.   Thay are all in CA
  B.   They are all in OR
  C.   They are all in MI
  D.   They are all in OK

5. What is the name of Norbert's girlfriend?
  A.   Treeflower
  B.   Mayflower
  C.   Momofall
  D.   Flowergarden

6. How much younger is Dagget from Norb?
  A.   2 years
  B.   6 months
  C.   4 minutes
  D.   47 seconds

7. What song does Norb's girlfriend's doorbell play?
  A.   Born Free
  B.   In-a-gadda-de-vida
  C.   Ball of Confusion
  D.   Let it Be

8. What kind of animal is Bing?
  A.   Rat
  B.   Monkey
  C.   Salmon
  D.   Lizard

9. What does the word "spoot" mean?
  A.   They use it instead of cursing
  B.   good
  C.   It's a favorite snack food
  D.   They never use it, I just made it up

10. What year did "The Angry Beavers" debut?
  A.   2001
  B.   1984
  C.   1997
  D.   1979®   

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