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Trivia Quiz - Ron Howard: Personal Life of a Celebrity

Questions about the early and personal life of Ron Howard.

Quiz Number: 2098
Date Submitted: February 05, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, The Andy Griffith Show, Television Stars, Happy Days
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Quiz is about: Ron Howard

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Ron Howard Personal Life of a Celebrity
(Image Source: Ron Howard @ Box Office Prophets)

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1. What is Ron Howard's full name?
  A.   Ronald Preston Howard
  B.   Rance Ronald Howard
  C.   Ronald William Howard
  D.   Ronald Ford Howard

2. When was Ron Howard born?
  A.   March 1, 1954
  B.   April 15, 1957
  C.   August 4, 1959
  D.   December 22, 1959

3. Where was Ron Howard born?
  A.   Los Angeles, California
  B.   Mobile, Alabama
  C.   Duncan, Oklahoma
  D.   Mt. Airy, North Carolina

4. What are the names of Ron Howard's parents?
  A.   Shirley and Robert
  B.   Jane and Preston
  C.   Joan and Clint
  D.   Jean and Rance

5. What is the name of Ron Howard's younger brother?
  A.   Carl
  B.   Rance
  C.   Clint
  D.   Robert

6. What is Ron Howard's wife's name?
  A.   Cheryl
  B.   Sharon
  C.   Sherry
  D.   Paige

7. When did Ron Howard marry his high-school sweetheart?
  A.   1970
  B.   1973
  C.   1975
  D.   1980

8. What important event occurred in Ron Howard's life in February 2007?
  A.   He won an Academy Award
  B.   He was awarded the National Medal of Arts
  C.   He and his wife renewed their wedding vows
  D.   He became a grand father

9. How old was Ron Howard when he was in his first movie?
  A.   18 months
  B.   2 yrs.
  C.   3 yrs.
  D.   5 yrs.

10. Which "Andy Griffith" co-star was sixth cousin to Ron Howard?
  A.   Andy Griffith
  B.   Elinor Donahue
  C.   Don Knotts
  D.   Paul Hartman®   

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