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Trivia Quiz - Super Bowl Coaches: Part 1

How much do you know about Super Bowl coaching trivia?

Quiz Number: 2079
Date Submitted: January 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: bill
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Super Bowl Coaches Part 1
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1. Who was the Raiders coach in their first Super Bowl appearance, against Green Bay in Super Bowl II in 1968?
  A.   Al Davis
  B.   John Madden
  C.   John Rauch
  D.   Hank Stram

2. Who was the first man to coach two different teams in the Super Bowl?
  A.   Vince Lombardi
  B.   Mike Holmgren
  C.   Bill Parcells
  D.   Don Shula

3. Which of the following coaches did NOT lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl win?
  A.   Tom Landry
  B.   Jimmy Johnson
  C.   Barry Switzer
  D.   Bill Parcells

4. Who was the first coach to lose four consecutive Super Bowls?
  A.   Lovie Smith
  B.   Bud Grant
  C.   Marv Levy
  D.   Don McCafferty

5. What coach led the Green Bay Packers to their first two Super Bowl wins in 1967 and 1968?
  A.   Hank Stram
  B.   Vince Lombardi
  C.   Mike Holmgren
  D.   Earl "Curly" Lambeau

6. Who coached the Chicago Bears to their first-ever Super Bowl Championship in 1985?
  A.   Dick Jauron
  B.   Lovie Smith
  C.   Dave Wannstedt
  D.   Mike Ditka

7. Who was the first coach over the age of 62 to win a Super Bowl?
  A.   Vince Lombardi
  B.   Dick Vermeil
  C.   Don Shula
  D.   Bill Walsh

8. The first AFL (now AFC) team to win a Super Bowl was the New York Jets in 1969. Who was their coach?
  A.   Bill Parcells
  B.   Charley Winne
  C.   Weeb Ewbank
  D.   Hank Stram

9. Who was the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl?
  A.   Tony Dungy
  B.   Lovie Smith
  C.   Art Shell
  D.   Herman Edwards

10. Who was the first coach to win four Super Bowls?
  A.   Chuck Noll
  B.   Bill Belichick
  C.   Joe Gibbs
  D.   Bill Walsh®   

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