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Trivia Quiz - Slapshock Verse-Song Match Game

I decided to take those lines from Philippine metal band Slapshock, which i have some songs in my computer. some songs may be in tagalog, which i understand, having spent some time in the Philippines. Just match the verse with the song from which it origi

Quiz Number: 1905
Date Submitted: December 22, 2007
Quiz Categories: Rap and Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: deconstruction
Average Score: 37.9 percent
Times Taken: 39 times
Taken by Registered Users: 4

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Slapshock Verse Song Match Game
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1. "I lost my way through this haze, looking for better same old days"
  A.   "Direction"
  B.   "Miles Away"
  C.   "Agent Orange"
  D.   "Misterio"

2. "I'm lost way down while you're dancing in the fire"
  A.   "Blisters"
  B.   "Divine"
  C.   "Direction"
  D.   "Waiting"

3. "hinanap nya, di makita, ang awa na talig sa akin"
  A.   "Misterio"
  B.   "Pagtila"
  C.   "Adios"
  D.   "Madapaka"

4. "Don't take away your eyes cause I know you're inside me but I just cant hold on still"
  A.   "Numb"
  B.   "The Gift"
  C.   "Something Beautiful"
  D.   "Get Away"

5. "SUMISIGAW!. BAWAT ARAW!, ng makikita ka"
  A.   "Adios"
  B.   "Madapaka"
  C.   "Anino"
  D.   "Misterio"

6. "you made my life so beautiful, i never thought i had control, i see your pictures on my wall, it brings stillness inside my soul"
  A.   "Great Escape"
  B.   "March of the Ants"
  C.   "The Gift"
  D.   "Something Beautiful"

7. "I'm proud of you my little boy thats what he speaks im not your toy"
  A.   "My Skar"
  B.   "Agent Orange"
  C.   "Get Away"
  D.   "Numb"

8. "but you walk away with a bag of pain on my shoulders"
  A.   "Great Escape"
  B.   "Walk Away"
  C.   "Back Home"
  D.   "Waiting"

9. "i seen my world in your direction i will go with good intentions with you"
  A.   "Waiting"
  B.   "Walk Away"
  C.   "Miles Away"
  D.   "F**k You"

10. "thousand angels passing by, feel the silence in the sky"
  A.   "Sleepless Boulevard"
  B.   "Last Ride"
  C.   "Back Home"
  D.   "Shed Your Skin"®   

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