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Trivia Quiz - U.S. Presidents: Basic Facts #8

This quiz is about U.S. presidential trivia: presidents' birthplaces, presidents' term dates, presidential policies, presidential elections, presidents' first ladies, presidents' military service, presidents' education and more!

Quiz Number: 190
Date Submitted: December 05, 2005
Quiz Categories: American Presidents
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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U.S. Presidents Basic Facts 8
(Image Source: Abraham Lincoln)

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1. From what college did Ronald Reagan graduate?
  A.   Eureka College
  B.   USC
  C.   UCLA
  D.   Illinois

2. From what did Franklin D. Roosevelt die?
  A.   cerebral hemorrhage
  B.   heart attack
  C.   assassination
  D.   cancer

3. Hannibal Hamlin was the first vice president for whose administration?
  A.   James Buchanan
  B.   Abraham Lincoln
  C.   Andrew Jackson
  D.   Andrew Johnson

4. Herbert Hoover served as secretary of commerce under Harding and what other president?
  A.   Calvin Coolidge
  B.   Warren G. Harding
  C.   Woodrow Wilson
  D.   William H. Taft

5. How did Abraham Lincoln die?
  A.   old age
  B.   heart attack
  C.   assassination
  D.   cancer

6. How many children did Abraham Lincoln have?
  A.   0
  B.   2
  C.   4
  D.   10

7. How was President-elect Franklin Pierces only son killed?
  A.   Railroad Wreck
  B.   Drowning
  C.   Accidental Gun Discharge
  D.   Horse Riding Accident

8. "In 1901, what president was shot on September 6th by anarchist Leon Czolgosz?"
  A.   James Garfield
  B.   William McKinley
  C.   Theodore Roosevelt
  D.   William H. Taft

9. "In 1971, President Nixon lifted a 21-year trade embargo, between the U.S. and what country?"
  A.   Japan
  B.   Cuba
  C.   China
  D.   Russia

10. "In August, 1974 who became the first president to resign?"
  A.   Richard Nixon
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Lyndon Johnson
  D.   Jimmy Carter®   

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