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Trivia Quiz - Thomas Jefferson: 3rd U.S. President

Questions on the schools that Thomas Jefferson went to and founded, his religious beliefs, documents he wrote, who he beat in the presidential election, and more.

Quiz Number: 1893
Date Submitted: December 16, 2007
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders, American Founding Fathers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: tristan
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Quiz is about: Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S. President

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1. Thomas Jefferson graduated from what university?
  A.   Harvard University
  B.   Princeton University
  C.   The College of William & Mary
  D.   University of Northern Virginia

2. Thomas Jefferson founded what university?
  A.   Thomas Jefferson University
  B.   Washington & Jefferson College
  C.   University of Virginia
  D.   University of Northern Virginia

3. Which of the following best describes Jefferson's religious beliefs and affiliations?
  A.   Atheist
  B.   Roman Catholic
  C.   Deist
  D.   Theist

4. Which of the following documents did Thomas Jefferson NOT write?
  A.   The U.S Bill of Rights
  B.   The U.S. Declaration of Independence
  C.   Virginia Declaration of Rights
  D.   A Summary View of the Rights of British America

5. What position did Thomas Jefferson hold under President George Washington?
  A.   Vice President
  B.   Secretary of State
  C.   Secretary of Treasury
  D.   Attorney General

6. Who did Thomas Jefferson defeat in the U.S. presidential election of 1800?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   John Quincy Adams
  C.   Alexander Hamilton
  D.   James Madison

7. During Jefferson's administration, the U.S. doubled in size by purchasing a vast amount of land from the French. This purchase was called:
  A.   Alaska Purchase
  B.   The Texas Annexation
  C.   The Gadsden Purchase
  D.   The Louisiana Purchase

8. Thomas Jefferson was a member of what political party?
  A.   Democratic
  B.   Democratic-Republican
  C.   Federalist
  D.   Whig

9. Which of the following states was admitted to the United States Union during Jefferson's presidency?
  A.   Tennessee
  B.   Kentucky
  C.   Vermont
  D.   Ohio

10. From left to right, where is the sculpted bust of Thomas Jefferson on Mt. Rushmore?
  A.   far left
  B.   second from left
  C.   second from right
  D.   far right®   

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