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Trivia Quiz - Psycho: 60s Thriller!

All questions are about the beginning of the original "Psycho" movie.

Quiz Number: 1732
Date Submitted: October 27, 2007
Quiz Categories: Horror Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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Psycho 60s Thriller
(Image Source: Bates Motel @ CGFOCUS)

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1. Why can't Marion and Sam get married in the movie "Psycho"?
  A.   He is already married
  B.   He is seperated, but not divorced yet
  C.   He spends all his money on alimony
  D.   She is already married

2. In "Psycho", what was the name of the client who was giving his daughter a house for a wedding gift?
  A.   Mr. Cassidy
  B.   Mr. Lowery
  C.   Mr, Chambers
  D.   Mr. Loomis

3. How much money did Marion steal in the movie "Psycho"?
  A.   $20,000
  B.   $30,000
  C.   $40,000
  D.   $50,000

4. When stopped by the highway police in "Psycho", what was Marion's license number?
  A.   ANL-709
  B.   ERT-786
  C.   MLT-304
  D.   HIC-059

5. In "Psycho", along with her trade-in, how much money did Marion pay for the used car?
  A.   $500
  B.   $600
  C.   $700
  D.   $800

6. After the shower scene in "Psycho", Norman is cleaning and getting rid of any trace of Marion being there. He loads the trunk with everything, then goes back in for one more item. What was it?
  A.   the mop
  B.   her shoes
  C.   the newspaper
  D.   the key

7. What was the license plate number of Marion's car which Norman pushed into the swamp in "Psycho"?
  A.   ANL-709
  B.   ERT-786
  C.   NFB-418
  D.   MCL-204

8. What name does Marion use to sign the register at the Motel in "Psycho"?
  A.   Marion Crane
  B.   Marie Crane
  C.   Marion Samuels
  D.   Marie Samuels

9. Norman tells Marion there is a diner in Fairvale. How may miles away is it?
  A.   5
  B.   10
  C.   15
  D.   20

10. What was used as "blood" in the shower scene in "Psycho"?
  A.   tomato sauce
  B.   pigs blood
  C.   chocolate syrup
  D.   ketchup®   

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