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Trivia Quiz - Game Show Hosts of the 1970s

No bells, whistles, or door prizes - but, can you name the host of these 1970 game shows?

Quiz Number: 1726
Date Submitted: October 20, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Game Shows
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 66.4 percent
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Game Show Hosts of the 1970s
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1. "Wheel of Fortune" 1975 - 81
  A.   Allen Ludden
  B.   Bill Cullen
  C.   Chuck Woolery
  D.   Jim Lange

2. "Hollywood Squares" 1966 - 82
  A.   Peter Marshall
  B.   Bert Convy
  C.   Dick Clark
  D.   Richard Dawson

3. "Tattletales" 1974 - 78
  A.   Jack Clark
  B.   Alex Trebek
  C.   Geoff Edwards
  D.   Bert Convy

4. "Name that Tune" 1974 - 80
  A.   Tom Kennedy
  B.   Monty Hall
  C.   Wink Martindale
  D.   Bob Barker

5. "Password" 1971 - 75
  A.   Allen Ludden
  B.   Alex Trebek
  C.   Art Fleming
  D.   Jack Clark

6. "Pyramid" 1973 - 1980
  A.   Bob Eubanks
  B.   Chuck Woolery
  C.   Peter Marshall
  D.   Dick Clark

7. "Gambit" 1972 - 78
  A.   Dick Clark
  B.   Monty Hall
  C.   Wink Martindale
  D.   Jim Lange

8. "The Cross-Wits" 1975 - 80
  A.   Bill Cullen
  B.   Jack Clark
  C.   Tom Kennedy
  D.   Geoff Edwards

9. "The New Treasure Hunt" 1973 - 77
  A.   Peter Marshall
  B.   Geoff Edwards
  C.   Richard Dawson
  D.   Bob Eubanks

10. "Family Feud" 1976 - 85
  A.   Chuck Woolery
  B.   Jack Clark
  C.   Allen Ludden
  D.   Richard Dawson®   

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