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Trivia Quiz - Great Movie Actors and Their Films

Pick the movie that these Top Ten Actors were NOT in. Three are right and one is wrong. -GrantBeagle

Quiz Number: 1639
Date Submitted: September 27, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: GrantBeagle
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Great Movie Actors and Their Films
(Image Source: Keanu Reeves)

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1. Michael J. Fox was great as Marty McFly and as Alex P Keaton but NOT in:
  A.   The American President
  B.   The Frighteners
  C.   The Secret of My Success
  D.   Teen Wolf Too

2. Harrison Ford was Hans Solo and Indiana Jones but NOT in:
  A.   Regarding Henry
  B.   The American President
  C.   The Fugitive
  D.   Witness

3. Kevin Costner was "untouchable" as "The Postman" and starred in "Dances with Wolves" BUT was NOT in:
  A.   Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  B.   Dragonfly
  C.   Silverado
  D.   Wyatt Earp

4. Tom Hanks has been on "The Green Mile" and "Cast Away" in "Philadelphia" but was NOT in:
  A.   Apollo 13
  B.   That Thing You Do
  C.   The Thin Red Line
  D.   You've Got Mail

5. Dennis Quaid was "The Rookie" also Captain of "The Phoenix" and "Doc Holliday but was NOT in:
  A.   Dragonfly
  B.   Frequency
  C.   In Good Company
  D.   Undercover Blues

6. Will Smith has been a "Man in Black" and "Hitch" but was NOT in?
  A.   Enemy of The State
  B.   A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  C.   Legend of Bagger Vance
  D.   Pursuit Of Happiness

7. Haley Joel Osment saw dead people in "6th Sense" and was a Son of a Gump but NOT in:
  A.   I Robot
  B.   Bogus
  C.   Pay It Forward
  D.   Secondhand Lions

8. Jim Caveizel was the "Count of Monte Cristo" and Jesus in "The Passion" but NOT in:
  A.   Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
  B.   Saving Private Ryan
  C.   Madison
  D.   Frequency

9. Which of the following movies was John Cusack not in?
  A.   Pushing Tin
  B.   Must Love Dogs
  C.   Runaway Bride
  D.   Serendipity

10. Keanu Reeves was in "Parenthood" and "Bill and Ted's Adventure" but was NOT in:
  A.   The Matrix
  B.   The Lake House
  C.   The Replacements
  D.   Speed 2®   

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