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Trivia Quiz - The Wedding Singer: Romantic Comedy Film

This quiz is about the 1998 romantic comedy "The Wedding Singer" -Hayley

Quiz Number: 1618
Date Submitted: September 13, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Hayley
Average Score: 73.9 percent
Times Taken: 280 times
Taken by Registered Users: 27

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The Wedding Singer Romantic Comedy Film
(Image Source: The Wedding Singer)

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1. In what year is "The Wedding Singer" set?
  A.   1983
  B.   1984
  C.   1985
  D.   1986

2. What is Julia's occupation?
  A.   singer
  B.   dancer
  C.   receptionist
  D.   waitress

3. What is Julia's cousin's name?
  A.   Holly
  B.   Hannah
  C.   Heather
  D.   Hillary

4. Robbie was formerly the lead singer of what rock group?
  A.   No Exit
  B.   Final Warning
  C.   Safe Landing
  D.   Dead End

5. Robbie's fellow band member George, constantly sings what songs at wedding receptions?
  A.   Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
  B.   Endless Love
  C.   The War Song
  D.   Up Where We Belong

6. What brand new electrical item does Glen purchase?
  A.   computer
  B.   VCR
  C.   walkman
  D.   CD player

7. Who says this line: "Now get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up?
  A.   Glen
  B.   Linda
  C.   Robbie
  D.   Rosie

8. To what city do Glen and Julia plan to elope?
  A.   London
  B.   Las Vegas
  C.   Paris
  D.   Rome

9. How old was Robbie when his parents died?
  A.   7
  B.   8
  C.   9
  D.   10

10. What song does Robbie sing to Julia at the end of the film?
  A.   I'll Love You Forever
  B.   I Wanna Grow Old With You
  C.   How Much I Need You
  D.   When I See You Smile®   

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