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Trivia Quiz - Elvis Presley - Fun Questions!

Great Elvis Presley trivia in this awesome Elvis quiz! -bill

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Date Submitted: August 23, 2007
Quiz Categories: Elvis Presley
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley  Fun Questions
(Image Source: Elvis Presley @ Wikipedia)

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1. At the time of his death, Elvis was the second biggest selling recording artist next to whom?
  A.   The Rolling Stones
  B.   The Beatles
  C.   Dean Martin
  D.   Bing Crosby

2. Elvis sang "Hound Dog" on The Steve Allen Show in 1956 accompanied by a real hound dog. What kind of a dog was it?
  A.   blood hound
  B.   bassett hound
  C.   fox hound
  D.   whippet

3. Elvis sang this song on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956 even though Sullivan didn't want him to. What song was it?
  A.   "Peace in the Valley"
  B.   "How Great Thou Art "
  C.   "Jailhouse Rock"
  D.   "Burning Love"

4. Elvis once owned a pet:
  A.   chimpanzee
  B.   snake
  C.   pig
  D.   bird

5. In high school, Elvis tried out for the football team but was cut by the coach. Why was he cut?
  A.   he wasn't good enough
  B.   he refused to cut his hair and trim his sideburns
  C.   he spent too much time on his music
  D.   he had to work part-time and couldn't practice

6. Elvis was offered the lead role in the film adaptation of "West Side Story." Why didn't he take it?
  A.   dhe didn't think the movie would be a hit
  B.   too busy with his movies
  C.   too busy with his music
  D.   Colonel Parker made Elvis turn it down

7. On the set of what movie did Elvis meet Ann Margret?
  A.   "Girls! Girls! Girls!"
  B.   "Kissin' Cousins"
  C.   "Clambake"
  D.   "Viva Las Vegas"

8. On August 27, 1965, Elvis spent an evening at his Bel Air, California home with the members of what popular British band?
  A.   The Rolling Stones
  B.   The Beatles
  C.   The Who
  D.   Led Zeppelin

9. What was the only Elvis movie in which his character was killed?
  A.   "Loving You"
  B.   "Speedway"
  C.   "Love Me Tender"
  D.   "G.I. Blues"

10. On the set of what movie did Elvis meet Elizabeth Montgomery?
  A.   "Kid Galahad"
  B.   "Blue Hawaii"
  C.   "Frankie and Johnny"
  D.   "G.I. Blues"®   

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