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Trivia Quiz - Rock Album Titles of the 1980s

What do you know about the 80's dude? Match the album title given with the name of the artist. -danalee

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Author: dana
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Rock Album Titles of the 1980s
(Image Source: AC/DC: WibumbaMusic)

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1. Famous Last Words (1983)
  A.   Supertramp
  B.   Alan Parsons Project
  C.   Aerosmith
  D.   Yes

2. Point of Entry (1981)
  A.   Camel
  B.   King Crimson
  C.   UFO
  D.   Judas Priest

3. Paradise Theater (1980)
  A.   Rush
  B.   Styx
  C.   Elton John
  D.   Cheap Trick

4. Talking Back to the Night (1982)
  A.   Metallica
  B.   Steve Winwood
  C.   Robin Trower
  D.   Jethro Tull

5. Labour of Love (1979)
  A.   Nick Lowe
  B.   Thin Lizzy
  C.   The Scorpions
  D.   Rainbow

6. Hawks and Doves (1978)
  A.   Heart
  B.   Neil Young
  C.   Loverboy
  D.   Roxy Music

7. Lights Out (1977)
  A.   UFO
  B.   One of the Boys
  C.   Johnny Winter
  D.   Pete Townshend

8. Jailbreak (1976)
  A.   The Tubes
  B.   Thin Lizzy
  C.   Headpins
  D.   Traffic

9. Caress of Steel (1975)
  A.   Aerosmith
  B.   Led Zeppelin
  C.   Rush
  D.   Patti Smith

10. Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1974)
  A.   Rick Wakeman
  B.   Black Sabbath
  C.   The Black Crowes
  D.   Wishbone Ash®   

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