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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities' Real Names: Part 11

match the celebrity with their stage name

Quiz Number: 1395
Date Submitted: June 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: Celebrities' Real Names
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 41.2 percent
Times Taken: 296 times
Taken by Registered Users: 32

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Celebrities Real Names Part 11
(Image Source: Rod Stewart)

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1. Anna Italiano
  A.   Ann Miller
  B.   Anne Bancroft
  C.   Brigitte Bardot
  D.   Rita Hayworth

2. Michael Gubitosi
  A.   Mickey Mantle
  B.   Robert Blake
  C.   Mickey Rooney
  D.   Harry Morgan

3. David Robert Jones
  A.   Davy Jones
  B.   David Bowie
  C.   David Carradine
  D.   David Seville

4. Charles Cartes
  A.   Charlie Chaplin
  B.   Charles Atlas
  C.   Charlton Heston
  D.   Charlie Sheen

5. Barbara Hoffman
  A.   Barbara Eden
  B.   Barbara Bel Geddes
  C.   Barbara Bain
  D.   Bea Arthur

6. Eleanor Gow
  A.   Christie Brinkley
  B.   Elle MacPherson
  C.   Elinor Donahue
  D.   Ann Miller

7. Lucille Collier
  A.   Lucille Ball
  B.   Anne Bancroft
  C.   Janet Leigh
  D.   Ann Miller

8. Don Lytle
  A.   Sting
  B.   Don Knotts
  C.   Johnny Paycheck
  D.   Don MacLean

9. Gordon Sumner
  A.   Sting
  B.   Meatloaf
  C.   Gordon Lightfoot
  D.   Hulk Hogan

10. Joe Yule Jr.
  A.   Joel Gray
  B.   Mickey Rooney
  C.   Yul Brynner
  D.   Jerry Lewis®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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