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Trivia Quiz - TV Western Stars and Their Roles

Match the TV western star with his character or the show.

Quiz Number: 1364
Date Submitted: June 28, 2007
Quiz Categories: Television Stars, TV Dramas
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: wrangler
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TV Western Stars and Their Roles
(Image Source: Lorne Greene @ Find a Grave)

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1. Will Hutchins played Tom Brewster on this 1950s TV western. What was his nickname?
  A.   Cheyenne
  B.   Maverick
  C.   Bronco
  D.   Sugarfoot

2. Clint Walker played a big, good-looking guy on a 1950s-60s TV western. What was his name?
  A.   Bronco
  B.   Cheyenne
  C.   Wyatt Earp
  D.   Maverick

3. James Garner was a Maverick on the TV series of the same name. What was his first name?
  A.   Bart
  B.   Beau
  C.   Brent
  D.   Brett

4. John Russell was a lawman on the TV series, "Lawman" from 1958 to 1962. What was the marshal's name?
  A.   Dan Troop
  B.   Johnny McKay
  C.   Bronco Layne
  D.   Wyatt Earp

5. Hugh O'Brian played this famous lawman in a TV series that ran from 1955–1961. Whom did he portray?
  A.   Micah Torrance
  B.   Bat Masterson
  C.   Wyatt Earp
  D.   Bronco Layne

6. Michael Ansara played an unusual marshal in the 1959-60 TV series, "Law of the Plainsman." What was his character's name?
  A.   Jim Bowie
  B.   Jim Hardie
  C.   Bronco Layne
  D.   Sam Buckhart

7. Ty Hardin portrayed a wanderer in a 1950s ABC western television series. What was his character's name?
  A.   Rowdy Yates
  B.   Bronco Layne
  C.   Range Rider
  D.   Johnny Yuma

8. James Drury was the man with no name who starred in which NBC TV Western from 1962–1971?
  A.   The Tall Man
  B.   Have Gun with Travel
  C.   Range Rider
  D.   The Virginian

9. Robert Culp played Hoby Gilman in which 1957–1959 Western television series?
  A.   Trackdown
  B.   Klondike
  C.   Men from Shiloh
  D.   Outlaws

10. Steve McQueen had an unusual gun on what American TV series (1958-1961)?
  A.   Colt 45
  B.   Wells Fargo
  C.   Johnny Ringo
  D.   Wanted Dead or Alive®   

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