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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities' Real Names: Part 3

Some more real names of actors.

Quiz Number: 1326
Date Submitted: June 17, 2007
Quiz Categories: Celebrities' Real Names
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: wrangler
Average Score: 57.4 percent
Times Taken: 265 times
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Celebrities Real Names Part 3
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of John Wayne)

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1. I was born Reginald Truscott-Jones.
  A.   Regis Philpin
  B.   Mike Connors
  C.   Ray Milland
  D.   Kirk Douglas

2. I was born Amos Jacobs.
  A.   Jamie Farr
  B.   John Wayne
  C.   Gene Simmons
  D.   Danny Thomas

3. I was born Marion Michael Morrison
  A.   Gary Grant
  B.   John Wayne
  C.   Clark Gable
  D.   Eddie Albert

4. I was Natasha Gurdin.
  A.   Natalie Wood
  B.   Judy Garland
  C.   Greta Garbo
  D.   Eve Arden

5. I was born Virginia Katherine McMath.
  A.   Katherine Hepburn
  B.   Ginger Rogers
  C.   Sandy Dennis
  D.   Louise Fletcher

6. I was born Betty Joan Perske.
  A.   Julie Andrews
  B.   Glenda Jackson
  C.   Sheree North
  D.   Lauren Bacall

7. I was born Krekor Ohanian.
  A.   Dave Thomas
  B.   Clark Gable
  C.   Jason Evers
  D.   Mike Connors

8. I was born Caryn Elaine Johnson.
  A.   Maggie Smith
  B.   Mary Wickes
  C.   Whoopi Goldberg
  D.   Kathy Najimy

9. I was born Issur Danielovitch Demsky.
  A.   Kirk Douglas
  B.   Jack Elam
  C.   Theodore Bickell
  D.   Bruce Dern

10. I was born Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr.
  A.   Richard Chamberlain
  B.   Ian McShane
  C.   Alfred Lynch
  D.   Richard Burton®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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