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Trivia Quiz - Party Songs - Artist Match

Simple - just match the song to the artist! Party on! -bill

Quiz Number: 1291
Date Submitted: June 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 62.9 percent
Times Taken: 108 times
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Party Songs  Artist Match
(Image Source: Happy Birthday)

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1. Who belted out "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)" in 1986?
  A.   The Fat Boys
  B.   Beastie Boys
  C.   Insane Poetry
  D.   Heavy D & the Boyz

2. Who performed "Punky Reggae Party" in 1977?
  A.   Junior Braithwaite
  B.   Julian Marley
  C.   Peter Tosh
  D.   Bob Marley

3. Who sang "It's My Party" in 1963?
  A.   Anita Baker
  B.   The Chiffons
  C.   Shelly Fabares
  D.   Lesley Gore

4. "Get The Party Started" was performed by what artist in 2001?
  A.   JoJo
  B.   Kelly Clarkson
  C.   Pink
  D.   Sabrina Bryan

5. Who sang "Party Doll" 1957?
  A.   Buddy Knox
  B.   Charlie Feathers
  C.   Carl Perkins
  D.   Eddie Bond

6. Who cranked out the tune "Party Up" in 1999?
  A.   DMX
  B.   Dr. Dre
  C.   Ice Cube
  D.   MC Breed

7. "Garden Party" was performed by what artist in 1972?
  A.   Elvis Presley
  B.   Ricky Nelson
  C.   Bobby Goldsboro
  D.   Don Ho

8. What band performed "Birthday" in 1968? hint: included lyrics, "Yes we're going to a party party!"
  A.   The Rolling Stones
  B.   The Beatles
  C.   The Kinks
  D.   The Beach Boys

9. What performed the song, "Celebration" in 1980? hint: includes lyrics, "there's a party going on right here - a celebration..."
  A.   Kool & the Gang
  B.   Earth, Wind & Fire
  C.   The Commodores
  D.   The O'Jays

10. Who sang "Having a Party" in 1962?
  A.   Al Green
  B.   Bobby Jones
  C.   Clifton Davis
  D.   Sam Cooke®   

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