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Trivia Quiz - Socrates: The Greatest Philosopher

He lived in a golden age, and was perhaps the father of the field of philosophy. What do you know about Socrates life and teachings? Dave

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Socrates The Greatest Philosopher
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1. Socrates was a part of what ancient civilization?
  A.   The Ancient Romans
  B.   The Ancient Greeks
  C.   The Ancient Egyptians
  D.   The Ancient Chinese

2. Of the following four men, who could Socrates have NOT possibly known?
  A.   Pericles
  B.   Aristotle
  C.   Plato
  D.   Homer

3. Socrates was:
  A.   A poor artisan sculptor
  B.   A wealthy aristocrat
  C.   a farmer
  D.   the grandson of a trojan war general

4. Socrates was known to have said that if he could cope with his wife, he could cope with what?
  A.   Any other human being
  B.   Death
  C.   The plague
  D.   Torture

5. What is often credited as helping Socrates gain his reputation as a formidable conversationalist?
  A.   His ability to stay awake longer than most
  B.   His widespread travel throughout the country
  C.   His ability to remain sober longer than others in the party
  D.   His participation in social clubs

6. In which of the following battles did Socrates not participate?
  A.   Battle of Potidaea
  B.   Battle of Delium
  C.   Battle of Amphipolis
  D.   Battle of Salamis

7. Which of the following best describes the Socratic Method?
  A.   Practice of self-healing taught by Socrates.
  B.   Cross-examination of key moral concepts such as good and justice defined by Socrates.
  C.   Practice of defining poetry, mysticism, love, and philosophy.
  D.   Theory that wisdom springs from the recognition of one�s own ignorance

8. Whose symposium tells us that Socrates was decorated for bravery?
  A.   Plato
  B.   Pericles
  C.   Aristotle
  D.   Homer

9. For what crime was Socrates sentenced to death?
  A.   Impiety and corrupting youth
  B.   Murder
  C.   Theft
  D.   Questioning the authority of the ruling party

10. How was Socrates' death sentence carried out?
  A.   Hanging
  B.   Crucifiction
  C.   Firing squad
  D.   Poison®   

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