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Trivia Quiz - Judging Amy: American TV Drama

What do you know about "Judging Amy"? -LittleLady

Quiz Number: 1208
Date Submitted: May 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 57.1 percent
Times Taken: 68 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Judging Amy American TV Drama
(Image Source: Judging Amy)

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1. On "Judging Amy", Where did Maxine and Jared meet for the first time?
  A.   court
  B.   supermarket
  C.   diner
  D.   gas station

2. What is Amy's codename used by courthouse security on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   Amy
  B.   Jag
  C.   Justice
  D.   Judge

3. On "Judging Amy", Crystal revealed her real name to Vincent. What was it?
  A.   Roxanne
  B.   Marianne
  C.   Joanne
  D.   Luanne

4. Who killed Amy's stalker on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   Bruce
  B.   Eric
  C.   Stuart
  D.   Michael

5. On "Judging Amy", who did Amy leave at the altar?
  A.   Michael
  B.   Richard
  C.   Stuart
  D.   David

6. Who claimed to be pregnant with Kyle's baby on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   Crystal
  B.   Donna
  C.   Heather
  D.   no one

7. What was the good luck heirloom passed among family members on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   sailing duck
  B.   surfing monkey
  C.   dancing elephant
  D.   bobble head bear

8. Who played Ignacio Messina on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   Reed Diamond
  B.   Geoff Meed
  C.   Cheech Marin
  D.   Tommy Chong

9. On "Judging Amy", what was Amy's middle name?
  A.   Lynn
  B.   Cassidy
  C.   Madison
  D.   she had none

10. Where was Donna's baby born on "Judging Amy"?
  A.   in a hospital
  B.   in the court house
  C.   in a birthing center
  D.   at the Gray's house®   

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