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Trivia Quiz - Wicked: A New Musical

If you have been fortunate enough to experience this musical, this will be an easy quiz - otherwise . . . well, it's not called "Wicked" without cause!

Quiz Number: 1174
Date Submitted: May 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: Broadway
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 80 percent
Times Taken: 357 times
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Wicked A New Musical
(Image Source: "Wicked")

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1. The musical is based on the book "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West." It was written by:
  A.   L. Frank Baum
  B.   Gregory Maguire
  C.   JK Rowling
  D.   C S Lewis

2. What college is featured in the play?
  A.   University of Oz
  B.   Emerald State
  C.   Dura
  D.   Shiz

3. What Animal was Doctor Dillamond?
  A.   Goat
  B.   Human
  C.   Bear
  D.   Dog

4. What song talks about Glinda's make over of Elphaba?
  A.   "I'm Not that Girl"
  B.   "No Good Deed"
  C.   "Thank Goodness"
  D.   "Popular"

5. What baby animal does Elphaba save?
  A.   Lion
  B.   Mouse
  C.   Goat
  D.   Bear

6. Who does Elphaba love?
  A.   Boq
  B.   Chistery
  C.   Fiyero
  D.   Morrible

7. In the original Broadway cast, who played the Wizard?
  A.   Nathan Lane
  B.   Hugh Jackman
  C.   Clifton Hall
  D.   Joel Grey

8. To save Boq from her sister, Elphaba changes him into:
  A.   scarecrow
  B.   tin woodsman
  C.   flying monkey
  D.   lion

9. Who was killed by Dorothy's house?
  A.   Elphaba
  B.   Nessarose
  C.   Galinda
  D.   Idina

10. What award-winning composer wrote the music and lyrics for "Wicked?"
  A.   Stephen Sondheim
  B.   Alan Menkin
  C.   William Finn
  D.   Stephen Schwartz®   

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