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Trivia Quiz - Guys and Dolls: Original Broadway Cast

Do you know who played the following characters in the original 1950 Broadway production of "Guys and Dolls"?

Quiz Number: 1080
Date Submitted: April 17, 2007
Quiz Categories: Broadway
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 41.5 percent
Times Taken: 123 times
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Guys and Dolls Original Broadway Cast
(Image Source: The Ambassadors)

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1. Who played Nathan Detroit in "Guys and Dolls"?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Sam Levene
  C.   Robert Alda
  D.   Marlon Brando

2. In "Guys and Dolls" who played Sky Masterson?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Sam Levene
  C.   Marlon Brando
  D.   Robert Alda

3. Who played Miss Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls"?
  A.   Vivian Blaine
  B.   Jean Simmons
  C.   Isabel Bigley
  D.   Kathryn Givney

4. In "Guys and Dolls" Who played Nicely Nicely Johnson?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Marlon Brando
  C.   Johnny Silver
  D.   Stubby Kaye

5. In "Guys and Dolls" Who played Benny Southstreet?
  A.   Stubby Kaye
  B.   Johnny Silver
  C.   Regis Toomy
  D.   B S Pully

6. Who played Big Jule in "Guys and Dolls" ?
  A.   B S Pully
  B.   Regis Toomey
  C.   Stubby Kaye
  D.   Paul Reed

7. Who played Lt. Brannigan in "Guys and Dolls" ?
  A.   Pat Rooney
  B.   Robert Keith
  C.   Paul Reed
  D.   Johnny Silver

8. In "Guys and Dolls" Who played Sarah Brown?
  A.   Vivian Blaine
  B.   Isabel Bigley
  C.   Jean Simmons
  D.   Kathryn Givney

9. Who played Arvide Abernathy in "Guys and Dolls" ?
  A.   Pat Rooney
  B.   B S Pully
  C.   Regis Toomey
  D.   Paul Reed

10. In "Guys and Dolls" Who played Harry the Horse?
  A.   Regis Toomey
  B.   Robert Keith
  C.   Johnny Silver
  D.   Tom Pedi®   

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