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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live!

Trivia questions about the cast members and skits of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 862
Date Submitted: February 14, 2007
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: arnold
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Saturday Night Live
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1. Who was the first Latino cast member to join Saturday Night Live?
  A.   Freddie Prinze
  B.   Ricky Martin
  C.   Horatio Sans
  D.   Joey Medina

2. Saturday Night Live has a segment titled World Update. Who was the first anchor person?
  A.   Laraine Neuman
  B.   Jane Curtin
  C.   Phil Hartman
  D.   Chevy Chase

3. This actor was fired in 1997 by NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer for "not being funny" and comments made towards O.J. Simpson:
  A.   Colin Quinn
  B.   Norm McDonald
  C.   David Spade
  D.   Dennis Miller

4. He is the creator and still producer of Saturday Night Live:
  A.   Steve Martin
  B.   Conan O'Brien
  C.   Lorne Michaels
  D.   Dick Ebersol

5. Loved by many, this comedian died of ovarian cancer on May 20th, 1989. Who was she?
  A.   Gilda Radner
  B.   Nora Dunn
  C.   Robin Duke
  D.   Mary Gross

6. He made his debut on SNL in Autumn of 1980:
  A.   Rich Hall
  B.   Eddie Murphy
  C.   Jim Belushi
  D.   Billy Crystal

7. Who was the SNL actor that parodied Blue Oyster Cult singer Eric Bloom in the infamous "More Cowbell" skit that aired April 8, 2000?
  A.   Chris Kattan
  B.   John Goodman
  C.   Darrell Hammond
  D.   Will Ferrell

8. This Saturday Night Live comedian could have been the son of a goat.
  A.   John Belushi
  B.   Seth Meyers
  C.   Jim Breuer
  D.   Adam Sandler

9. One of the originals, he graduated from Carleton Univeristy in Ottawa.
  A.   Dan Akroyd
  B.   Garrett Morris
  C.   Bill Murray
  D.   Chevy Chase

10. This celebrity was scheduled to appear on the first episode of Saturday Night Live but his sketch was cut. Who was he?
  A.   Dan Rowan
  B.   Billy Crystal
  C.   Richard Pryor
  D.   Steve Martin®   

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