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Trivia Quiz - Civil War - Union Military Leaders #1

Any well-versed Civil War buff should be able to get these! -Bill

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Civil War  Union Military Leaders 1
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons: Ambrose Burnside)

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1. This Union General was the first to be replaced by Lincoln, having been earlier picked by Lincoln to command.
  A.   Ambrose Burnside
  B.   George Sykes
  C.   Irvin McDowell
  D.   William Tecumseh Sherman

2. This Union General was obese and suffered from gout, a condition that left him unable to ride a horse for any length of time.
  A.   William Starke Rosecrans
  B.   Philip Henry Sheridan
  C.   Winfield Scott
  D.   John Pope

3. This Union General's vigorous pursuit of General Lee's retreating troops in 1865 forced the Confederate surrender at Appomattox.
  A.   William Terrill
  B.   George Meade
  C.   George Sykes
  D.   Philip Henry Sheridan

4. What overly cautious field general was removed from command because he failed to pursue Braxton Bragg after defeating him at Perryville, Kentucky?
  A.   George Armstrong Custer
  B.   Maj. Gen. Benjamin Franklin Butler
  C.   Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield
  D.   Don Carlos Buell

5. Of the five future U.S. Presidents to serve in the in the Federal Army, only one was wounded in battle. Who was he?
  A.   James A. Garfield
  B.   Benjamin Harrison
  C.   William McKinley
  D.   Rutherford B. Hayes

6. Late in 1861, what sickness put McClellan on the disabled list for three weeks?
  A.   Typhoid fever
  B.   Measles
  C.   Gout
  D.   Pneumonia

7. What West Point graduate and future Union General was quite an accomplished artist, specializing in horses?
  A.   William T Sherman
  B.   Ulysses S. Grant
  C.   Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace
  D.   William D. Whipple

8. When riding his horse, what general was forced to hold the reins between his teeth because he was missing his left arm?
  A.   Maj. Gen. George Crook
  B.   Benjamin F. Butler
  C.   Maj. Gen. Phillip Kearney
  D.   Ormsby M. Mitchell

9. What ordinary ailment briefly debilitated Lincoln's general in chief, Henry W. Halleck?
  A.   Measles
  B.   Mumps
  C.   Influenza
  D.   Chicken Pox

10. What Union general would not drink alcohol but ate so vigorously that he suffered from persistent indigestion?
  A.   Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell
  B.   Maj. Gen. John Pope
  C.   Cadwaller Colden Washburn
  D.   Maj. Gen. Orlando Bolivar Wilcox®   

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