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Trivia Quiz - Seattle Seahawks History & Facts

Questions about coaches, mascots, jersey numbers, Super Bowl trips, of the Seattle Seahawks.

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Date Submitted: January 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: NFC West
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Seattle Seahawks History  Facts
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1. In what decade did the Seattle Seahawks first sport a football team?
  A.   1950s
  B.   1960s
  C.   1970s
  D.   1980s

2. What team did the Seattle Seahawks defeat in Super Bowl LXXIX (2014)?
  A.   Denver Broncos
  B.   New England Patriots
  C.   San Diego Chargers
  D.   New York Jets

3. The Seahawks' first head coach was:
  A.   Tom Flores
  B.   Chuck Knox
  C.   Mike McCormick
  D.   Jack Patera

4. The Seahawks first trip to a NFL championship was in 2006 when they lost to what team in Super Bowl XL?
  A.   Kansas City Raiders
  B.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  C.   Denver Broncos
  D.   Miami Dolphins

5. What are the official colors of the Seattle Seahawks?
  A.   purple and pink
  B.   green and yellow
  C.   navy, green, and grey
  D.   blue and white

6. The first Seahawk to have his number retired was?
  A.   Jim Zorn
  B.   Steve Largent
  C.   Dave Krieg
  D.   Effren Herrera

7. The Seahawks' cheerleaders are called:
  A.   The Hawk Chicks
  B.   The Hawkettes
  C.   The Sea Girls
  D.   The Sea Gals

8. Who was the Seahawks' first NFL Most Valuable Player?
  A.   Stave Largent
  B.   Jim Zorn
  C.   Warren Moon
  D.   Shaun Alexander

9. Who did the Seattle Seahawks hire as their head coach in 2010?
  A.   Mike Holmgen
  B.   Monte Clark
  C.   Chuck Knox
  D.   Pete Carroll

10. What is the official mascot of the Seattle Seahawks?
  A.   Taz
  B.   Blitz
  C.   Hawk
  D.   Jimmy®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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