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Trivia Quiz - Agatha Christie: British Mystery Writer

A quiz on England's Agatha Christie! Best selling mystery writer of all time!

Quiz Number: 722
Date Submitted: January 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: Agatha Christie's Works, British Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Quiz is about: Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie British Mystery Writer
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1. Agatha was born and raised in what country?
  A.   Scotland
  B.   England
  C.   Ireland
  D.   United States

2. What was Agatha's first published book?
  A.   "The Mysterious Affair at Styles"
  B.   "They Do It With Mirrors"
  C.   "And Then There Were None"
  D.   "Halloween Party"

3. What was the first series that Agatha Christie wrote?
  A.   "Mr. Pitt"
  B.   "Hercule Poirot"
  C.   "Miss Marple"
  D.   "The Deep"

4. What is Agatha Christie's full name?
  A.   Agatha Victoria Clarissa
  B.   Agatha Merriweather
  C.   Agatha Mary Clarissa
  D.   Agatha Maria Clara

5. How many books did she write under the name Mary Westacott?
  A.   12
  B.   5
  C.   4
  D.   7

6. In what book did Agatha first introduce Miss Marple?
  A.   "Sleeping Murder"
  B.   "The Body in the Library"
  C.   "Murder at the Vicarage"
  D.   "Black Coffee"

7. Agatha Christie also wrote plays. Which one of hers is the longest running in stage history?
  A.   "Hop on Pop"
  B.   "Spider's Web"
  C.   "Black Coffee"
  D.   "Mousetrap"

8. What Agatha Christie novel was made into a movie that was introduced in 1974?
  A.   "Murder on the Orient Express"
  B.   "The Body in the Library "
  C.   "They Came to Baghdad "
  D.   "Cards on the Table"

9. How old was Agatha when she died?
  A.   82
  B.   75
  C.   85
  D.   57

10. What actress portrayed Agatha Christie in the 1979 film called "Agatha?"
  A.   Haley Mills
  B.   Loretta Swit
  C.   Vanessa Redgrave
  D.   Susan Surrandon®   

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