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Trivia Quiz - Multiple Meanings - Part 2

More questions on some words that have at least four meanings. In this quiz for kids match the correct word with the four meanings given. If you're an adult doing this quiz, try to work out the answer before you look at the choices!

Quiz Number: 5864
Date Submitted: July 26, 2020
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Multiple Meanings  Part 2
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1. Which of the following means: change direction, become different, a time to do something, rotate?
  A.   spin
  B.   change
  C.   turn
  D.   alter

2. Which of the following means: move something, do something, study something, an opinion?
  A.   shift
  B.   take
  C.   course
  D.   view

3. Which word below means: a matching pair, part of tennis, decide on, prepare a table?
  A.   set
  B.   net
  C.   bet
  D.   get

4. Which of the following means: cling to, place or put, a branch part, be obvious?
  A.   bark
  B.   trunk
  C.   leaf
  D.   stick

5. Which word below means: to cut, harvest, a horse whip, a group?
  A.   slice
  B.   crop
  C.   produce
  D.   band

6. Which of the words below means: an insect, to annoy, a listening device, a computer problem?
  A.   fly
  B.   bee
  C.   bug
  D.   ant

7. Which of the words below means: a small flow of water, a season, coil of wire, leap or pounce?
  A.   spring
  B.   summer
  C.   winter
  D.   fall

8. Which word below means: a secret plan, events of a story, a small piece of land, graph?
  A.   drama
  B.   data
  C.   acre
  D.   plot

9. Which word below means: used teeth, a computer part, used in a horse's mouth, a small piece?
  A.   bat
  B.   bit
  C.   but
  D.   bet

10. Which of the words below means: to stop work, hit, a lucky happening, miss a ball?
  A.   rest
  B.   boon
  C.   strike
  D.   swing®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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