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Trivia Quiz - Leo and Sofya Tolstoy - A strained relationship!

Leo and Sofya Tolstoy's marriage was a battle of wills that tested both. Test your knowledge of the couple who couldn't live with each other and couldn't live without each other.

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Date Submitted: June 13, 2019
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Author: grant228
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Leo and Sofya Tolstoy  A strained relationship

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1. What was the age gap between Leo and Sofya Tolstoy?
  A.   16 years
  B.   24 years
  C.   32 years
  D.   40 years

2. How soon after Leo Tolstoy proposed was he married to Sofya?
  A.   the following day
  B.   within a week
  C.   two years
  D.   five years

3. Before Tolstoy married Sofya, what did he do that troubled her greatly?
  A.   maintained a sexual relationship with a peasant girl
  B.   used her as the model for Anna Karenina
  C.   showed her the contents of his diary
  D.   savagely whipped a servant

4. Before he became married, how did Leo Tolstoy view this institution?
  A.   the chance to turn friendship into love
  B.   as the chance to become fully complete
  C.   as a chance to end his curiosity of women
  D.   as a chance to turn his lust into love.

5. Less than three months after his marriage to Sofya, what did Leo Tolstoy do that caused Sofya to question his commitment?
  A.   offered her a divorce
  B.   asked to have an open marriage
  C.   made a peasant girl pregnant
  D.   began an affair with the wife of the town's mayor

6. How many children did Sofya Tolstoy bear?
  A.   0
  B.   5
  C.   10
  D.   13

7. While Sofya was pregnant with her last child, Leo Tolstoy wrote about the joys of what in The Kreutzer Sonata?
  A.   chastity
  B.   adultery
  C.   sadism
  D.   bachelorhood

8. To counter her husband's eccentric approach to their marriage, what did Sofya Tolstoy do?
  A.   wrote to local newspapers outlining her husband's infidelities
  B.   began an affair with a famous pianist
  C.   converted to Roman Catholicism to use the confessional as an outlet for her frustration
  D.   slept in the same rooms as her children

9. Leo Tolstoy was quoted as saying, "Marry when you are old and ....?
  A.   wiser
  B.   experienced
  C.   good for nothing
  D.   able to enjoy it

10. In June, 1910 what did Sofya Tolstoy do as a way to exact revenge on her husband?
  A.   attempted to flee Russia
  B.   wrote about their life in a semi-autobiographical novel
  C.   began divorce proceedings which would have been damaging to her husband's reputation
  D.   attempted suicide®   

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