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Trivia Quiz - World War II - 1944 Part 1

1944 saw Germany and Japan suffer constant defeats making the end of the war just a matter of when. Take ten questions on this momentous year of this momentous conflict.

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Date Submitted: March 24, 2018
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World War II  1944 Part 1

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1. In January, 1944 U S Fifth Army won the Battle of Anzio in Italy led by which rhyming named general?
  A.   Greg Clegg
  B.   Jack Black
  C.   Jay Hay
  D.   Mark Clark

2. On January 27, 1944 the siege of what city was ended after 880 days?
  A.   Warsaw
  B.   Leningrad
  C.   Stalingrad
  D.   Tobruk

3. What was the U S force that achieved great success behind the lines in Burma during 1944?
  A.   Clarkson’s Commandos
  B.   Rickenback’s Raiders
  C.   Merrill’s Marauders
  D.   Patterson’s Pirates

4. The securing of what island group by US forces in 1944 gave US planes access to commence bombing of the Japanese mainland?
  A.   Marianas Islands
  B.   Caroline Islands
  C.   Marshall Islands
  D.   Kiribati Islands

5. On June 4, 1944 what capital city was liberated from German occupation?
  A.   Rome
  B.   Paris
  C.   Athens
  D.   Sofia

6. On June 6, 1944 the D-Day invasion of Normandy began with an estimated how many naval craft?
  A.   5000
  B.   10000
  C.   20000
  D.   25000

7. An unsuccessful assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler took place on July 20, 1944 and had what name?
  A.   Operation Removal
  B.   Operation Valkyrie
  C.   Operation Valhalla
  D.   Operation Decapitation

8. The Warsaw Home Army uprising of 1944 ultimately failed for what reason?
  A.   Shortage of supplies and an early onset of winter
  B.   The majority of its soldiers deserted.
  C.   Refusal by advancing Russian forces to help
  D.   Promised support from Allied bombing did not eventuate.

9. The Ichi-Go Offensive was launched by Japan in 1944 against which country?
  A.   China
  B.   Burma
  C.   Korea
  D.   Thailand

10. The Battle of Leyte Gulf took place in October, 1944. Which of the following is not true of this battle?
  A.   It was the largest naval battle of World War II.
  B.   The Allied forces lost more ships but gained a strategic advantage.
  C.   U S Admiral Bull Halsey was criticized for his decisions during the battle.
  D.   It was the first time kamikaze aircraft had been used by the Japanese.®   

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