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Trivia Quiz - House M D - Season 1

Take ten questions on Season 1 of House M D - one of the cleverest, wittiest and most involving shows made.

Quiz Number: 5721
Date Submitted: December 04, 2017
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, House
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Times Taken: 62 times
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House M D  Season 1

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1. In the second episode of House, what sport is suggested as one House played before his leg injury?
  A.   hockey
  B.   swimming
  C.   volleyball
  D.   lacrosse

2. Which member of the House team had a spouse who died?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   House

3. Who admitted to experimenting with drugs at high school?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   House

4. In the episode related to leprosy, whose doctor father visits?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   House

5. In the episode where we learn Wilson has a brother who may or not be alive, what disease kills the homeless lady?
  A.   lupus
  B.   sleeping sickness
  C.   bowel cancer
  D.   rabies

6. When House and Cameron date for the first time, where does House take her?
  A.   monster trucks
  B.   mud wrestling
  C.   rodeo
  D.   greyhound racing

7. When Vogler demands House sack a member of staff, who does House choose?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   Himself

8. When House and Cameron go on their first proper date, what does House give Cameron?
  A.   necklace
  B.   corsage
  C.   ring
  D.   a list of things he likes to talk about

9. When House meets Stacy’s husband, what does he not do to the husband?
  A.   trade insults with him
  B.   shake hands with him
  C.   drug him
  D.   pour a beer over him

10. In the episode where House treats a crime boss, what gift is he given by the boss?
  A.   a sub-machine gun
  B.   a restored 1965 convertible
  C.   a diamond-encrusted walking cane
  D.   a Ducati motor bike®   

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