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Trivia Quiz - Jimmy Carter -- the 39th President

A series of questions about the life and service of President Carter.

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Date Submitted: September 30, 2017
Quiz Categories: American Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: LonestarJR
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Quiz is about: Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter  the 39th President
(Image Source: Jimmy Carter @ Wikipedia)

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1. Jimmy Carter was born on October 1st of what year?
  A.   1901
  B.   1912
  C.   1933
  D.   1924

2. Carter was the first American President to be born in a:
  A.   manger
  B.   clinic
  C.   taxi cab
  D.   yacht

3. In what Georgia town was Jimmy Carter born?
  A.   Plains
  B.   Americus
  C.   Archer
  D.   Atlanta

4. After his immediate post-Naval Academy service, he was selected for the nuclear submarine program under the direction of what controversial Admiral?
  A.   Bull Halsey
  B.   Hyman Rickover
  C.   Elmo Zumwalt
  D.   James Stockdale

5. During his drive for the Democratic nomination in 1976, it was revealed that a family member of Governor Carter was serving a prison sentence. He was the son of:
  A.   Ruth Carter Stapleton, his sister
  B.   Billy Carter, his brother
  C.   Gloria Spann, sister
  D.   Griffin Bell, cousin

6. President Carter's siblings - Ruth, Billy and Gloria, all died from what?
  A.   Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents
  B.   Emphysema
  C.   Complications from Diabetes
  D.   Pancreatic Cancer

7. President Carter appointed Admiral Stansfield Turner to be Director of the CIA after it became apparent that his first choice could not be confirmed. Who was his first choice for that position?
  A.   Ted Sorensen
  B.   Pierre Salinger
  C.   Bill Moyers
  D.   Joan Bennett Kennedy

8. The first Budget Director in the Carter Administration had a very short tenure in that office, because of his banking practices in Calhoun, Georgia. Who was it?
  A.   Hamilton Jordan
  B.   Sam Nunn
  C.   Max Cleland
  D.   Bert Lance

9. The major primary opponent to Governor Carter in 1976 was the younger brother of what Kennedy-Johnson Cabinet member?
  A.   Dean Rusk
  B.   Stewart Udall
  C.   Orville Freeman
  D.   Robert Kennedy

10. Determined to make a symbolic gesture toward reducing the pomp and circumstance that had attached to the Presidency, Jimmy Carter took what step as President?
  A.   Allowed the Marine Band to wear Civilian clothing when performing at the White House.
  B.   Eschewed all but minimal Secret Service Protection
  C.   Sold the presidential yacht Sequoia
  D.   Drove his own limousine to meetings in the District of Columbia®   

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