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Trivia Quiz - Walt Whitman - U S Poet

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Date Submitted: October 16, 2015
Quiz Categories: American History, Literature, Authors, American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman  U S Poet
(Image Source: Walt Whitman @ wikpedia)

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1. After a short exposure to school, Walt Whitman began his working career as an apprentice what?
  A.   printer
  B.   carpenter
  C.   builder
  D.   plumber

2. In what city did Whitman spend over 30 years?
  A.   Chicago
  B.   New York
  C.   Washington
  D.   Richmond

3. How many times was Walt Whitman married?
  A.   0
  B.   2
  C.   4
  D.   5

4. What early work of Walt Whitman's provoked outrage and comment?
  A.   Brooklyn Boy
  B.   Thoughts of an Idler
  C.   Leaves of Grass
  D.   Walking in My Shoes

5. Because of the sensation created by his first anthology, which two famous authors refused to meet Whitman?
  A.   Poe and Twain
  B.   Thoreau and Stowe
  C.   Alcott and Macauley
  D.   Longfellow and Wendell Holmes

6. What role did Walt Whitman play during the American Civil War?
  A.   hospital orderly
  B.   conscientious objector
  C.   assistant to the photographer, Matthew Brady
  D.   supporting the Union cause through his poems

7. Walt Whitman's poem "O Captain! My Captain!" was a tribute to which famous figure?
  A.   Robert E. Lee
  B.   Ulysses S. Grant
  C.   Abraham Lincoln
  D.   William McKinley

8. In 1865 Walt Whitman was fired from his job with the Secretary of the Interior for what reason?
  A.   writing about the carpet baggers infiltrating the South
  B.   using departmental stationery for his poems
  C.   the sexual theme of his poetry
  D.   his stance on too many black Americans in the North

9. Which of the following was not a trait of Walt Whitman?
  A.   pro-anarchist
  B.   religious skeptic
  C.   Shakespeare skeptic
  D.   pro-temperance

10. Which movie of the 1990s featured some of Whitman's works?
  A.   The Talented Mr Ripley
  B.   Dead Poets Society
  C.   The Shawshank Redemption
  D.   American Beauty®   

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