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Trivia Quiz - Henry Morton Stanley - Journalist and Explorer

He famously found David Livingstone in Africa but his interesting life was more than this single meeting.

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Date Submitted: September 30, 2015
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Henry Morton Stanley  Journalist and Explorer

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1. In what country was Henry Stanley born in 1841?
  A.   England
  B.   USA
  C.   Wales
  D.   Canada

2. Hnery Stanley's birth name was what?
  A.   Henry Morcombe
  B.   Frederick Taylor
  C.   John Rowlands
  D.   Angus Collins

3. What singular distinction did Henry Stanley achieve during the U S Civil War?
  A.   He filed interviews with Generals Lee and Grant with his newspaper.
  B.   He was the first reporter to file a report of Lee's surrender.
  C.   He spied for both Union and Confederate armies.
  D.   He served in the Confederate and Union armies and the Union Navy.

4. With which U S newspaper did Henry Stanley work as a reporter?
  A.   New York Times
  B.   Chicago Tribune
  C.   New York Herald
  D.   Washington Chronicle

5. On the shores of what African lake did Henry Stanley find the lost David Livingstone?
  A.   Lake Victoria
  B.   Lake Tanganika
  C.   Lake Edward
  D.   Lake Albert

6. Apart from his explorations along the Nile, what other African river did Henry Stanley follow right across Africa?
  A.   Congo
  B.   Zambesi
  C.   Limpopo
  D.   Niger

7. What was Henry Stanley's record with the men who accompanied him on his expeditions?
  A.   Very poor with many dying
  B.   He led by example
  C.   He expected others to do the work and he take the glory
  D.   He lacked decision-making skills

8. With the king of what country did Henry Stanley establish relations, enabling greater ssections of Africa to be placed under colonial rule?
  A.   Holland
  B.   Spain
  C.   Belgium
  D.   Germany

9. Before retiring from public life, H.M. Stanley did what?
  A.   undertook planning to be the first man to reach the North Pole
  B.   served as a member of parliament in England
  C.   offered to act as a peacemaker between England and the Zulu nation
  D.   attempted an unsuccessful climbing of Mt Everest

10. Where did Henry Stanley wish to be buried?
  A.   At the source of the Nile
  B.   In New York
  C.   In one of the pyramids of Egypt
  D.   Next to David Livingstone in Westminster Abbey®   

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