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Trivia Quiz - Andromeda Facts

Basic questions about the t.v show Andromeda!

Quiz Number: 5496
Date Submitted: April 17, 2015
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, TV Sci-Fi
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: torchwood1977
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Andromeda Facts
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1. Who is the Captain of the starship Andromeda Ascendant?
  A.   Tyr Anasazi
  B.   Beka Valentine
  C.   Dylan Hunt
  D.   Trance Gemini

2. Who was the weapons officer on the TV drama "Andromeda" for seasons 1-3?
  A.   Trance Gemini
  B.   Tyr Anasazi
  C.   Rev Bem
  D.   Rommie

3. Who was the Chief Engineer on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Seamus Harper
  B.   Telemachus Rhade
  C.   Doyle
  D.   Dylan Hunt

4. Who was the First Officer on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Trance Gemini
  B.   Rommie
  C.   Beka Valentine
  D.   Gahheris Rhade

5. Who is the Life Support Officer on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Rev Bem
  B.   Doyle
  C.   Rommie
  D.   Trance Gemini

6. Who is the Weapons Officer on the TV drama "Andromeda" for season 4-5?
  A.   Seamus Harper
  B.   Tyr Anasazi
  C.   Telemachus Rhade
  D.   Dylan Hunt

7. On the TV drama "Andromeda," how long was Dylan stuck on the event horizon of the black hole?
  A.   125 years
  B.   6 months
  C.   450 hours
  D.   300 years

8. Who was the Android Avatar on the starship Andromeda on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Beka Valentine
  B.   Rommie
  C.   Doyle
  D.   Trance

9. For what sun is Trance the Android Avatar on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Earth
  B.   Tarazed
  C.   Tarn-vedra
  D.   all of the suns

10. Dylan is the last of what race on the TV drama "Andromeda"?
  A.   Paradine
  B.   Nietzschean
  C.   Than
  D.   Magog®   

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