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Trivia Quiz - Leave it to Beaver: Wally Cleaver

How well do you know Wally Cleaver? We got "Leave it to Beaver" trivia and "Leave it to Beaver" facts!

Quiz Number: 5289
Date Submitted: March 19, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Leave it to Beaver
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 44.5 percent
Times Taken: 73 times
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Leave it to Beaver Wally Cleaver
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1. In "Cleaning Up Beaver", Wally said he was too big to:
  A.   be kissed by his mother
  B.   carry a lunch box
  C.   get an allowance
  D.   hug his father

2. Wally preferred his raisin nut cookies:
  A.   without raisins or nuts
  B.   without raisins
  C.   with both raisins and nuts
  D.   without nuts

3. In "My Brother's Girl", Wally said he planned to become:
  A.   a pro baseball player
  B.   a coach
  C.   an engineer
  D.   a physicist

4. In "Next Door Indians", Wally and the guys thought they had found valuable stones in a vacant lot. What did Wally plan to buy with his share of the profits?
  A.   a sporting goods store and an amusement park
  B.   a sailboat
  C.   a house for his parents
  D.   a sports car

5. In "Beaver's Guest", Wally had given nails to Tooey for:
  A.   building a boat
  B.   building a clubhouse
  C.   building a doghouse
  D.   a school project

6. Wally once got a croquet ball:
  A.   when he won a bet with Eddie
  B.   out of a drain pipe
  C.   as a present from Beaver
  D.   out of the trash

7. In the 2nd season, some of Wally's friends were already doing this. Wally wasn't.
  A.   going steady
  B.   shaving
  C.   working
  D.   driving

8. Wally promised his parents he wouldn't do this until he was old enough:
  A.   date
  B.   drink
  C.   drive
  D.   smoke

9. In "Wally's Present", Wally said he wanted this for his birthday:
  A.   a motorcycle
  B.   a party with his friends
  C.   a sport jacket
  D.   to take Eddie out for hamburgers and a movie

10. In "Beaver Plays Hooky", Wally asked June if he could:
  A.   grow a beard
  B.   go to Mexico with his teacher in the summer
  C.   join a rock band
  D.   get a tattoo®   

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