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Trivia Quiz - American Novelists' First Works

Match the author with the first novel that they had published. madman

Quiz Number: 519
Date Submitted: July 18, 2006
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, American Authors
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: madman
Average Score: 46 percent
Times Taken: 149 times
Taken by Registered Users: 23

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American Novelists First Works
(Image Source: American Novelists)

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1. Tom Clancy:
  A.   "Red Storm Rising"
  B.   "Patriot Games"
  C.   "The Hunt for Red October"
  D.   "The Cardinal of the Kremlin"

2. John Grisham:
  A.   "A Time to Kill"
  B.   "The Firm"
  C.   "The Pelican Brief"
  D.   "The Client"

3. Stephen King:
  A.   "The Shining"
  B.   "Salem's Lot"
  C.   "The Dead Zone"
  D.   "Carrie"

4. Anne Rice:
  A.   "The Feast of All Saints"
  B.   "Interview with the Vampire"
  C.   "The Vampire Lestat"
  D.   "The Witching Hour"

5. Peter Benchley:
  A.   "Jaws"
  B.   "The Deep"
  C.   "The Island"
  D.   "The Girl of the Sea of Cortez"

6. Michael Crichton:
  A.   "The Great Train Robbery"
  B.   "The Terminal Man"
  C.   "The Andromeda Strain"
  D.   "Jurassic Park"

7. Patricia Cornwell:
  A.   "Body of Evidence"
  B.   "All That Remains"
  C.   "Postmortem"
  D.   "Cruel and Unusual"

8. Alice Walker:
  A.   "The Color Purple"
  B.   "The Third Life of Grange Copeland"
  C.   "To Hell With Dying"
  D.   "Everday Use"

9. Thomas Harris:
  A.   "Red Dragon"
  B.   "Black Sunday"
  C.   "The Silence of the Lambs"
  D.   "Hannibal"

10. Erica Jong:
  A.   "How To Save Your Own Life"
  B.   "Parachutes & Kisses"
  C.   "Any Woman's Blues"
  D.   "Fear of Flying"®   

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